April 6th, 2015


hoppy easter and dentist stuff

I don't celebrate easter. For one, I'm not a christian. And for two, since I'm woohoo diabetic now, I can't shouldn't have a Reese egg, a peep, or even a jelly bean. Iit's just another holiday where I'm expected to do more work (cook and clean) and get nothing in return.

There are family members (his) that would say they want us to come over, but I don't want to do that either. For one thing, no one ever ever truly gets the food allergy thing. And for another, dressing up to go eat with people with whom I have no relationship is not my idea of a good time. My parents' house is too small for all of us, and if I invite them here, I'd have help, but I'd also have to invite his people, and that makes everything into a huge production and, oh yeah, we have no relationship. They don't ever suggest doing anything that is not (a) a huge production, or (b) involves alcohol, or (c) both, and they can't even agree among themselves on (a), (b), or (c).

Plus I already feel like death on a stick.

I think I made a(nother) medication mistake.

When I started taking the flonase and had a major resurgence of symptoms, I thought to myself, "Aha, self! The problem was never the statin. The problem was the flonase!" So I dropped the statin back into the pill sorter. Now, what...two weeks later? I need to sleep over twelve hours a night, and I'm weak and shaky, having dizzy spells again. Just bad.

So on Easter I slept until three p.m., spent the day OCD-ing it up by finding album art for my iTunes library, forgot until too late that I was going to make a lasagna, and we ended up grilling like we do every Sunday. I'll make the las tonight, assuming I feel well enough after the dentist.

Today is my first appointment with the actual dentist. Everything until now was scraping and chiselling scaling and root planing. Now I am to receive eleven fillings and a crown. Not all in one day, obviously. The tentative plan is to start with fillings and do the crown last, but the crown goes on that front tooth, and I am so worried it will just snap off. I hope she changes her mind and does it first. I know the cavities are important too, especially now that the protective (yuck) layer of tartar is gone, but my primary motivation in embarking on this dental gauntlet was to (a) not die looking like Pennsatucky, and (b) to be able to eat an apple again someday, or maybe even corn on the cob.

Well last time they razzed on me about coming too early, and this time they called and wanted me to come early. I couldn't do that, even though the office is rougly three minutes from here, because I wasn't even dressed yet and I had already taken my blood sugar medication, but had not eaten. I made it though, and it was moderately unpleasant--too bright light, too loud noises, too much touch, smell, and taste--but not painful at all. The worst part is, seven hours later my mouth is still partly numb and it took me about five hours to figure out I could drink without drooling if I used a straw.

Anyway. I have several fillings now, and they agreed to do the crown next visit, which will be in about a month. Little by little.

I'm not making the lasagna tonight either.