projects and thankful tuesday

About twice a year, in between school terms and on one of Mr Moth's five-day weekends, we do homeowner stuff.  Last winter he put up the wainscotting in the living room and hall, and painted above it. Then in summer we did The Keep. This week we finished painting the living room. I'd post pictures, but the color is called desert bone, which is ever so subtly pink and somehow matches the brick, but the difference is so subtle it doesn't really show in photographs.
I can see it plenty, however, and I am so pleased. My living room walls match! Pleased and thankful because I hate mismatched walls, call 'em "accents" if you want, I'm not a fan, and also because Mr Moth did most of the work because I am useless and feel like crap.

Today is the last day of the five-day and the plan for the day is to replace the light fixture over the kitchen table because the sockets in the old fixture are un-good, and then replace the one in the galley so it will match the new one, and--here's the exciting part to me--put the old but still good kitchen fixture in The Keep. It holds three bulbs, which I recently replaced with LED bulbs, and it's like a warp core breach in there, which means it will be like a warp core breach in here, and maybe this term I will be able to see to do my homework! The overhead fixture in The Keep only has one good socket, so I use it plus a desk lamp with two 40 watt bulbs, but it is still not so bright, even though the new ginger peach color is a lot lighter than the old demon-barf green.

I bought LEDs for the new kitchen lamps too. They are blue-ish, so maybe not ideal for bedrooms if what they say is true about blue light having a negative impact on sleep, but I love how bright bright bright they are, and also that they are supposed to last for 20 years and never blow out. Apparently old LED bulbs just fade away over time, with none of that scary popping and smoking like the last CFL at Angel House did.

So. Even though it is not Thursday, I am thankful for color, specifically ginger peach, desert bone, and sand dollar white--which replaced the Green Mile Green in the kitchen--and for the vision to see them all, and also for walls that match, LED bulbs, and Mr Moth.

Not necessarily in that order.