As of tomorrow Mr Moth and I will encounter our 15th anniversary on Saturday. We have always slept together in a double bed, even though we are double-sized people. So this year, for our anniversary,after much measuring and the use of several room planner applications just to be sure, we bought a king-sized bed.

Before we moved here, so at least six or seven years ago, I saw a comforter set on clearance, and I admired it aloud, and Mr Moth offered to buy it for me. I let him, thinking that some day we would buy the bed to fit it.

Getting a new bed was expensive and a hassle, and it meant losing a lot of floor (dog) space in our not-to-enormous bedroom, and only the thought of finally getting to use my new comforter made it worth it to me. We went to the Original Mattress Factory, because they have double-sided mattresses and I feel very strongly about mattresses being flippable. We tried out every mattress there repeatedly, consulted, tried some more, and eventually ordered a bed. We got our frame there too, which was the same price as a flimsier frame from Odd Lots, and a mattress cover, and also splurged on having it delivered and set up, which only cost $40. We did not have the old set hauled away because there is nothing at all wrong with it except it is small, so we moved it to the spare room that I dream of someday being a real guest room.

My comforter set is only a queen.

Words can barely express the magnitude of my disappointment.

I ended up running to Rose's Department store and bought a cheap bedspread to cover the dang thing just because my OCD won't allow me to leave it uncovered while I shop for another set. Finding a set I like will be a challenge because I don't want another set, I want the one Mr Moth bought me six or seven years ago. I picked one, well roughly this color: #33CCCC.

Ok, maybe this is better:

I would take a photo of the actual bed, but nothing matches on it. I threw on the new bedspread and just put all the pillows and our blankies back on top and it is a huge ugly mess.

Mr Moth went to bed first, and when I went back a couple of hours later, he was clinging to his edge of the bed just like always. I did take a picture of that, but not for public consumption. I took it because he had expressed a concern that no matter how big a bed we got I would take it over and he would end up clinging to the edge of the bed just like always. That photo is my evidence that the edge-clinging is not my fault, but it's not for public consumption. (We have an agreement that we don't post photos of each other without prior authorization.)

I woke up this a.m., peed, boosted Kelly into bed, and went back to sleep until after noon, OMG. When I sent Mr Moth the photo, he asked how I'd slept I told him, and mentioned that nothing hurt (except the right shoulder, which always hurts and is probably genetic since my mother's entire family has shoulder pain). And he said that he was surpirsed that nothing hurt on him, either.

So. Worth. It.

To summarize the New Bed Experience:

+ No pain
- Kelly can't get in by herself. I'm hopeful she can learn to bounce higher. Use your JRT heritage, girlfriend! Or The Force. Whatever works.
+ Olver can't defend the entire perimeter
+ Enough room
+ room for foot pillows
+ because no headboard, and I hate headboards, but
- no headboard storage
- Too tall. When I sit on the edge, my feet don't reach the floor
- Less floor space, which when combined with too tall, makes it harder to pass out bedtime treats.
- Can't use my red plaid comforter set
+ No pain
+ No pain
+ No pain

I am guessing the lack of Mr Moth flipping and flopping like a big fish is a result of the no pain thing also. Or maybe he just flipped and flopped far enough away I didn't notice. Either way, + No flipping and flopping.

Just to be clear, I didn't spring out of bed feeling finer than a frog hair or anything. A mattress can not cure sleep apnea. Ever since I learned about the apnea, I have a peculiar relationship with sleep; it feels a little like playing Russian roulette. But what can you do? You have to sleep, even if you're not so much sleeping as dying >70 times per hour. In the immortal words of that old Mouse Trap commercial, you rolls your dice, you moves your mice. But I did roll out of bed not hurting, and that is a definite step in the right direction. The fact that Mr Moth seems to have enjoyed the same benefit is extra banana peppers on my pizza.
No pain is always good.

Seriously bummed about the nice set being only a queen. Try googling to see if you can find it anywhere online?
I have been looking online, but I am concerned about colors. They never quite look the same in person as on a monitor (heck, I've yet to be able to get two monitors calibrated exactly the same for that matter. Also texture. I am so overly sensitive to texture, and as you can imagine, on bedding it's extra important. The wrong-size set is a plaid combination of red, blue, and green...which I would not ever in a trillion years think I would like, but I do, and it goes with anything else in those simple colors. But also it is this perfect crisp cotton blend. All the new microfiber stuff is too soft and a little...clingy? So I don't want any of that.
Yay for a good night's sleep on a brand new mattress! But sad, very sad, about the comforter set not fitting. Shoot. :( Curdled anticipation sucks. I hope you can find another that you like just as much.
Thank you. I'm sure I will find something else sooner or later, although I like shopping better than actual buying, if that makes any sense.
Going from a double to a king is a very nice upgrade in size. Mazel tov on your new purchase!

Are you going to get a CPAP? Or do you have other plans for addressing the apnea?

I hate it when people post online about a big crisis and then just leave me hanging, so please accept my apologiest! I thought I had posted an update on the cpap situation, but I see I covered the desensitization appointment but didn't really give any details about what is upcoming in that regard.

I have an appointment in mid-April for an all night cpap/bi-pap titration. I'm on the call-in list, so if anyone cancels an appointment in the meantime, they're going to call. That probably won't happen, because I won't accept any openings where I have to be at school the next day, because that really stresses me out.

I assume I will be getting some kind of machine. (The Lung Doc pretty much said if I don't, I'm going to die. No, not pretty much. That's what he said, flat out.) When we planned the bedroom, I mentally accommodated a place (outlet, near my head, etc.) for a machine to go. I'll probably have to move my alarm clock. I never use it anymore, except as a clock, but when I wake up I want to know what time it is. I have this weird OCD need to have a waste basket and a clock in every room.

So that's what's up for now. I sort of feel like if I'm in so much imminent danger as they say, maybe they could bump someone less dire, but I've survived this long. I expect I'll make it until whenever this all wraps up.
I love that. "YOU COULD DIE, but we don't have any appointments that work with your schedule for another six weeks!"